Be Love! A Journey to Reclaim Sacred Self-Love


 February 13-19, 2022

Join Seeking Sacred Journeys and OsiLiving for an inspiring and transformative 7-days of heart-centered guidance, spiritual practices, yoga, sisterhood, and sacred self-care to awaken and embody what it means to truly love yourself.

Why retreat with OS?

"I love it and seriously planning my next one! I feel like a new person. Liz Miller"

I had an incredible time in Costa Rica Osi!!  You created such a powerful, beautiful and high vibe retreat for all of us.  Your teaching was top notch and all the other people you brought in to do   Work with us (sweat lodge, breath work, dance movement classes) were so professional and deep.  I still feel so rejuvenated and uplifted from our time together.  
Blessings to you in your work and on all your future retreats.  #osiliving another one coming up in February I know will be incredible as well. #jakeshotel #Jamaica. Emily melon


Many of of us have come to believe that the only way to experience self-love is when we feel loved from someone else. 

But relying on someone else - something external- in order to feel loved is a slippery slope. If we are rejected or love is withheld we may begin to internalize that pain and shame and eventually come to believe that we ourselves do not deserve to be loved. 

That we are unlovable. And then, when we want to change, we find that  we can’t create a new life from an old mindset and unconscious conditioning rooted in low-self-esteem and lack of self-worth.  But just how do we break through the limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in old patterns? How do we move through the traumas of the past and stressors of the present, toward putting ourselves first and taking meaningful steps back to healthy self-esteem, self-confidence and self-love? Steps that will empower you to genuinely love every ounce of yourself — the way you deserve to be loved? The way you love other people.

That is exactly why Osi Mizrahi and Rebecca Baldwin have co-created this transformational journey. Take 6 nights and 7 days this February to reclaim your love of self. To celebrate yourself, release blocks that have held you back from thriving, and learn to embrace & love the most authentic YOU without shame or fear.

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