Private Session

Book a 60-to-90-minute private session with Osi.

Osi uses a holistic approach combining body, mind, and health to help you see what is already available within you. By using techniques such as kundalini breath and theta brain waves, clients elevate their thinking and energy level leading to increased productivity that continues well after the session. Let me help bring you back into balance See what it feels like to unlock your full potential.

Event Planning

Schedule a 30 minute consultation.

Osi helps companies and organizations increase their overall  effectiveness through informative sessions and workshops. Topics include: - an education on mind/body connection-  the effects of healthy eating from an Ayurveda perspective -how connecting to your heart actually leads to better work, as well as the science behind it all.  Using a combination of yoga, kundalini breathwork and engaging content , Osi is able to give employees meaningful tools and information they can use at work and in their personal lives resulting in a higher functioning work environment.