I am so excited to invite you to my women's renewal retreat in Tulum, Mexico from April 19th to 23th, 2021! The retreat will take place at Casa Violeta, a boho-chic boutique hotel flanked by hammocks and steps away from our rooms and outdoor yoga space.

The energy in Tulum is truly intoxicating. The last time I visited, I felt inner peace within just a short 24 hour span. My relaxed state allowed me to open up and create the space for healing and creativity. The day-to-day in life can sometimes become stressful and have an impact on our state of awareness. This retreat will give you the time you need to renew and be in the present.

And to make it even more special, I will be co-hosting the retreat with my long-time friend and yoga teacher, Iris Cohen. Iris aims to share the practice of yoga beyond the postures to include the entirety of holistic living, engaging all the senses to access beauty and nourishment.

Together we'll lead daily yoga classes and healing therapies. When we aren't practicing, guests can enjoy locally-sourced meals, downtime on our private beach, shopping at the local boutiques, swimming in the cenotes and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. I hope you'll join us in this inspiring destination!

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The Art of Living

The Art of Living Course gives participants the practical knowledge and techniques to unlock their deepest potential and bring fullness to life.

Whether happy and successful or feeling the stress of poor health,
disappointments, or fear, every participant is cared for and comes away lighter, with effective techniques for releasing mental and physical stress and increasing his or her health, energy, peace, self-knowledge, awareness, and joy.

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Handel Group Design your Life, with clarity

This seminar couples mediation and coaching to provides an eye-opening and thorough inquiry into what it takes to live a fulfilling life, on your own terms. You will learn how to dig deep to articulate what you truly want in your life, and how to cut through limiting thoughts, excuses, and career beliefs in order to design new ones that work better.
You will leave with a plan-of-attack for moving forward toward your dream life. The seminar offers practical tools and step-by step approaches, married with meditation for clarity and focus.

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Winter Solstice

Come join us to ignite and inspire. Practice yoga and Kundalini chanting and gong meditation

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